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Who Can Enter

Do I have to be a LensWork subscriber to enter?

Anyone can enter! You do not need to be a subscriber or member.

Can I send in more than 1 entry?

Yes! Your initial entry includes 3 images. Additional image entries are only $10.

Is there a limit on how many entries I can send it?

No, you can enter as many images as you'd like. In fact, that will increase the odds of your work being selected for the final publication.

Will I receive one free book per entry?

No. Only one copy per entrant. You may purchase additional copies once the book is available.

Do I have to send in all my images at the same time?

No. Once you have sent in your first three images (with the $45 entry fee), you can send in additional images at any time up to the deadline and pay only the $10 entry fee.

Can I send in something that's already been published in LensWork?

Sorry, but if we've already published an image we won't use it in Our Magnificent Planet. We want to make room for new work!

Can photographers outside the US enter work, too? Will there be an extra fee to ship my copy of the book overseas?

Overseas entries are just fine. We’re arranging for bulk shipments and disbursement that will help allay the shipping costs. There will not be any extra shipping fee for the books shipped to overseas photographers.

Where do I pay the entry fee?

Use the links in the Entry Form for uploading your images and paying the entry fees.

What do I get for my entry fee?

You cannot be published in the book unless you enter your work for consideration. In addition, you will receive one copy of the book when it's mailed in Nov-Dec 2021!


About Your Project and Images

What about copyrights?

Unlike many other juried publications, you retain all copyrights to your images and written materials. LensWork Publishing is granted one-time only publication rights only.

Do I have to have an introductory text, artist's statement, or poem?

No. You don't need any text at all. Sometimes a little text can help the viewer understand the context of your image, but this is strictly your call.

What image formats do you accept?

JPGs saved at maximum quality are the smallest files to transmit, but we can also accept flattened PSD or flattened TIF files if you prefer.

8-bit or 16-bit files?

We only need 8-bit files.

What color space should I use?

Adobe RGB (1998) is recommended for either color or b/w images. If you prefer, b/w images can be grayscale; we’ll convert all b/w images to our LensWork duotone in the prepress process. We'll convert all color images to our printer's CMYK press profile in the prepress process.

What PPI should my files be?

The PPI of the files you send to us is immaterial. We will adjust to the required PPI in our prepress workflow as we prepare your images for the printer. The only thing that really matters is that your images are at least 3400 pixels on the long side.

Is there an Entry Form I need to fill out?

Yes. Each entry must be accompanied by this form.

How do I send in my image files?

Upload to us using the link in the Entry Form.

Can I send in color work? Mixed b/w and color work?

Yes, all! We will print black-and-white images in our LensWork duotone and color work will be printed stochastic CMYK.

Will you be printing in duotone as you do in LensWork?

Yes, for the b/w images.


About the book itself

How will you select the projects that get published?

We are hoping to include:

When will I receive my book?

We will mail in Nov-Dec of 2021. The book will print in Oct-Nov 2021.

How big will the book be?

The book will be 9" tall by 8" wide, the same as Seeing in SIXES.

Will the book be hardbound or softbound?

We debated about this for some time, but decided that we'd rather do a softbound with more pages (and thereby more photographers) than to spend the budget on the hardbound and restrict the page count so radically. So, softbound it is.


Additional questions?

Email Brooks ( and we'll do our best to answer any questions you have!

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