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Brooks started his popular talks in February of 2004, calling them "audio blogs." Six months later Apple introduced the world to the iPod and this new thing called "podcasting." It can truly be said that Brooks was "podcasting" before podcasting became podcasting! 1000 podcasts and counting!

RSS Feeds

With the addition of our new video content podcasts , some viewers have requested a separation between the audio-only content and the video content podcasts. Other viewers want a simple, single source for everything. Both requests make sense to us! So, we're providing the same content in a variety of delivery options. You choose which way makes the most sense for you!

If you are already signed up for our podcasts via RSS feed or iTunes, you do not need to do anything to keep receiving them all in one source. That feed will continue to offer the full mix of both audio and video podcasts. No changes needed on your part — just continue to have fun!

Audio only
If you want to only receive the audio podcasts as you have been for all these years — without the new video podcasts — then use this new RSS feed for only the audio podcasts. This option makes sense for those of you who load up the podcast on your audio-only MP3 player for commuting or jogging — or whatever. Listen to your heart's content!

Video only
If you want to receive only the video podcasts so they are not mixed in with audio-only content, then use this new RSS feedfor only the video podcasts. This option makes sense when you want to watch on your iPad, computer, or other video delivery device. Of course, you can also sign up for the audio RSS on your MP3 player and have it all, just delivered on the devices you use for different content!

If you need help with any of this, we have a tutorial page for RSS feeds that walks you through the process. If you get really stuck, email us at and we'll do our best to help.

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Creativity never stops

A violinist practices every day — every day. We photographers could benefit by such discipline, but who has time to make photographs, work in the darkroom, or do Photoshop everyday? These short 5-10 minute thoughts on photography and the creative process allow you at least be mentally engaged in the creative process and thinking about photography on a more regular basis.

Everywhere you go - and they're free!

These podcasts are available via iTunes or our RSS feed. Load them up in your iPod or portable MP3 player and fill those commuting hours with something creative and productive that moves your art life forward.

Over 1000 episodes and counting

Since beginning this podcast, Brooks has recorded over 1000 separate episodes, all of which are still available. The latest 15 episodes can be downloaded from iTunes or our RSS feed. The entire library of podcasts is available at to members at LensWork Online, our membership website. There, you can listen to episodes one at a time or download 100 episodes at a time in handy ZIP files.

Readable versions, too!

If you are not an aural learner, you'll find many of the podcasts in readable transcripts in our series of books titled Single Exposures. We currently have three volumes available that include Podcasts #1-413. Single Exposures 4 will be available in the first quarter of 2014.

In addition to the printed book versions, we also have all the Single Exposures book available for eReaders in both the Kindle and EPUB formats. They are available from our online store, and the Kindle versions may be purchased directly from