Where's Brooks?

Week of July 04, 2021

Currently camping at: Lakeview, Oregon — but moving tomorrow to the Oregon/Idaho border
Trailer Gallery featuring: A few of my prints from Bandon area from last week with Joe Lipka
Photographing: Had a great session at the former Lake Abert — now all dried up!
Currently reading: Dr. No by Ian Flemming
Current audiobook: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (Can't believe I've never read Austen!)
Listening to
radio archives :
The Damon Runyon Theatre (Very fun! If you like Wodehouse, you'll love Runyon.)
Working on: Selections for LensWork #154 and #155
Field Notes from the Road: Audio recording from July 4, 2021

Here are a few from what used to be Lake Abert.