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The entire contents of our print magazine plus a whole lot more!

More portfolios, more images, including audio interviews

Issued six times a year

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More portfolios

More images than we can include in the magazine

No page limitations

By using the universal PDF format, there is enough room for hundreds of images and media, too.

On-screen presentations, are ideal for color or b/w portfolios!

In fact, split tones, platinum/palladium tones, and other colorations are perfectly suited to this medium.

Audio Interviews

Photographers talk about their work

Copy the MP3 files to your iPod or portable MP3 player to listen on the go


Video features

Videos play on iPad and Android tablets, too!

From time to time, we include a video feature that might be an interview, darkroom tour, or video produced by the photographer

Direct links



These convenient links make it easy to go directly to a photographer's website or e-mail address.


Free Sample

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Download this sample PDF from LensWork Extended #100 to your computer using "Save Link as . . ." and then open them using Adobe Reader (or Acrobat Pro) version 9 or greater.

You can also just click on the link above to open in your browser, but it will not open in "full screen" mode this way. To view it in full screen mode, download to your harddrive and then open it.

Mac users: Be sure to open this multimedia PDFs with Acrobat and not the "Preview"application that may be your default PDF viewer. Addtional info.


Adobe Reader ver 9

  • Easy to Use
  • Content Rich
  • Full-screen Acrobat PDF Presentations
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  • Viewable on PC, Mac, or Linux

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