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Other blogs rattle on interminibly about the latest gear — but photography, to us, is more about images and ideas. Join the discussions!


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Daily Posts!

We call it LensWork Daily because we have so much content to share that it works out we actually do something every day  — well, at least Monday through Friday.


This is the official home of our short 5-10 minute thoughts on photography and the creative process — over 1000 podcasts and counting! Add your comments!

Looking at Images

Each commentary focuses on an image from a previous issue of LensWork or LensWork Extended  — why we published the image, the virtues we see in it, ideas that provide a lesson for other photographers, sometimes a discussion about the creative process and the photographers' creative vision.

News & Info

Keep up with what's going on in the ever-changing LensWork universe. New titles, when the tablet editions are available for download, and more.

Alumni News

A monthly update on news and happenings in the LensWork Alumni Community of photographers. Exhibits, workshops, new books, lectures, website updates, you name it, here is where you'll find information about the photographers you've seen in our publications.


Random Thoughts

Brooks Jensen shares whatever is on his mind. Questions, insights, problems, inspirations, books — bits and pieces about the creative process and life.


We don't spend much time here at LensWork talking about cameras and gear. We do, however live in a technology-based world and work with stuff. Here is where we comment on the lastest trends and ideas.