We always enjoy the opportunity to look at new work. In fact, about half of what we've published in LensWork and LensWork Extended comes from submissions that were originally unsolicited, that is to say, from readers and subscribers like you. We love giving exposure to photographers who are doing good work but are not plugged-in to the publicity machines that galleries and traditional publishers provide!

Our submission guidelines are available in the link below. (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9 or greater to open this file.) Please review these submission guidelines and then feel free to send in your work for consideration.

Obviously, we can't publish everything that is submitted, but we also can't publish work that isn't ever submitted! The best way to start is to send in the work and let us take a look. Thanks!

Note: As of August 2015, we no longer accept physical submissions (on disc, thumbdrive, or prints). Submissions are accepted only via digital delivery like Dropbox, Hightail, DropSend, WeTransfer, etc.

How to Submit Your Work to LensWork Publishing (PDF, updated July 2015)

Please note that we do not review websites.