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Finding the project, planning, editing, sequencing, and the finishing touches

Half-day Seminar on Saturday morning.

Video Introduction

Topics include:

  • The most common kinds of projects
  • Getting a handle on how best to proceed is often made easier once you can identify the type of project you envision. We'll look at multiple types of projects and their variations in this survey of examples from the pages of LensWork.

  • Moving from a pile of prints to a project idea

    You probably already have lots of potential projects buried in your negative or digital files just waiting to be discovered. We'll discuss how to find them, organize them, and "package" them for completion.

  • Distilling to the essence of the idea
  • Selecting and editing images for your project
  • Titles for your project
  • Key images and icons for your project
  • Beyond the images — becoming a storyteller

    Projects are, by definition, more than one image and that implies a connection between them — which in turn implies that we are more than just illustrators.

  • The length of a project and audience expectations

    Different media inspire different viewer expectations. For example, a book with 10 photographs would seem a bit thin, and a PDF with 200 would likely tax even the most dedicated reader. We'll define audience expectations and how to design your projects accordingly.

  • The power of Lightroom collections and projects

    Working with single images does not present much of an organization challenge — but projects can easily become overwhelming. We'll discuss ways to use Lightroom's collections to tame this challenge.

  • Parts of a project that you need to develop

    With wall-art photographs, once you have the image, the mat board, and perhaps a frame, you're done. But with projects, there are more components you'll need to develop — text, binding/finishind issues, titles, even PR materials. Projects require more, and we'll discuss these extra things that help you finish the project.

  • Determining the best media for your project
  • Strategies for projects with more than one medium
  • Finishing touches that complete the project
  • Now that the project is finished, is it really finished?

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Finding the project, planning, editing, sequencing, and the finishing touches
Folios, Chapbooks, and Keepsakes
Producing your photographs for off-the-wall presentations, lots of examples, templates, and techniques
Image & Text
Ways to expand your project with text, writing tips and strategies, collaborations, and how to write your artist statement
Finding an Audience for Your Work
Marketing, distribution, publishing, and web strategies that work