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Folios, Chapbooks, and Keepsakes

Producing your photographs for off-the-wall presentations, lots of examples, templates, and techniques

Half-day Seminar on Sunday morning.

Video Introduction

Direct from the photographer who invented the format, Brooks will discuss both the motivations for developing the folio format and the practical techniques to make folios of your own work. Expanding beyond that, we'll also discuss chapbooks and keepsakes, two other "off the wall" alternatives for presenting your photography projects.

Topics include:

  • The birth and evolution of the folio concept
  • Layout and design of folios, chapbooks, and keepsakes

    Using Photoshop, InDesign, Publisher, Word — just about any software you are comfortable with to create a layout for your design ideas.

  • Die-cut, hand-cut, and pre-made folio enclosures

    How to design your own folio enclosures; how to cut them from a template you make; how to buy them if you just want to work "off the shelf."

  • Templates, adaptations, and flexibility
  • Printing strategies

    Now that we can print on both sides of the paper with today's inkjet printers, handmade artist books and other designs are possible that have never before been available to photographers outside of commercial printing.

  • The “French-fold” design for one-sided printing
  • Strategies for two-sided printing for chapbooks

    How to design and arrange a "signature" with two-sided printing so all the pages end up in the right places once your project is folded and bound.

  • Working with inkjet roll paper and de-curling
  • Designing for image and text combinations
  • Art paper, cover stock, and other materials
  • Scoring, folding, and forming
  • Production logistics that make it easier
  • Tips for hand-sewing your chapbook or keepsake
  • Small projects, large projects, and sets
  • Working in series and annuals
  • Lots and lots of samples on hand for you to review

    This is an "idea-intensive" presentation with over 60 examples on site for you to review, reverse engineer, examine up close, and feel with your own hands. Bring your cameras to capture lots and lots of ideas you'll see in person!

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Miami March 8-9
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Washington, DC April 12-13
Boston May 17-18
Minneapolis June 7-8
Philadelphia June 21-22
Hartford/Providence July 19-20
Chicago July 26-27
New York August 9-10


Each of the four seminar topics are $125 each, but attend all four seminars for only $95 each!




Finding the project, planning, editing, sequencing, and the finishing touches
Folios, Chapbooks, and Keepsakes
Producing your photographs for off-the-wall presentations, lots of examples, templates, and techniques
Image & Text
Ways to expand your project with text, writing tips and strategies, collaborations, and how to write your artist statement
Finding an Audience for Your Work
Marketing, distribution, publishing, and web strategies that work