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Image & Text

Ways to expand your project with text, writing tips and strategies, collaborations, and how to write your artist statement

Half-day seminar on Saturday afternoon.

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Topics include:

  • Thinking outside the mat board

    Wall art is a destination for art, but not all photography is best suited for decor. Once you start thinking outside the mat board — books, PDFs, folios — then text becomes a part of the process. As photographers, that can be intimidating! We'll discuss multiple ways to overcome that hurdle.

  • The goals of text and image combinations
  • Writing tips for photographers (i.e., non-writers!)
  • Print titles, project titles, and finding just the right words
  • What to avoid in the text that accompanies your images
  • Various forms of text and their strengths and weaknesses

    We'll examine over 30 specific examples of text and image combinations from the pages of LensWork to see how other photographers have used text/image combinations to increase the impact of their work.

  • Tips on how to start the writing process

    Nothing is quite as intimidating for the non-writer than the blank piece of paper. How do we begin? We'll discuss a dozen strategies that can help get the ball rolling. There is no doubt that you'll find at least one of these is the answer you've been looking for!

  • Writing so people will read it

    How to avoid that "academic-speak" that turns people off. And also how to make sure people will be motivated to read your introductions!

  • Keeping the audience engaged
  • Editing, editing, and then more editing
  • How to write an artist statement for your project

    Based on the article in LensWork #103, crafting an engaging artist statement is easier than you might think.

  • The 10 deadly mistakes to avoid in your text
  • Text for audio presentations (aka scripts)
  • Collaborations and how to make them work

    Maybe you don't even need to write the text if you can partner with someone who loves writing! We'll examine successful partnerships and how to make them work.

  • Lots and lots of examples

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Miami March 8-9
Atlanta March 22-23
Washington, DC April 12-13
Boston May 17-18
Minneapolis June 7-8
Philadelphia June 21-22
Hartford/Providence July 19-20
Chicago July 26-27
New York August 9-10


Each of the four seminar topics are $125 each, but attend all four seminars for only $95 each!




Finding the project, planning, editing, sequencing, and the finishing touches
Folios, Chapbooks, and Keepsakes
Producing your photographs for off-the-wall presentations, lots of examples, templates, and techniques
Image & Text
Ways to expand your project with text, writing tips and strategies, collaborations, and how to write your artist statement
Finding an Audience for Your Work
Marketing, distribution, publishing, and web strategies that work