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HT0788 - Old Time Radio

From time to time, I simply get overwhelmed by pop culture's over-sexualized, hyperactive, cuss-word laden, post-apocalyptic view of modern life. Maybe this is why I enjoy classic photography more than so much of contemporary photography. So much of contemporary popular photography seems insistent that it preach to me with pop culture's point of view. This is why I like classic literature, old time radio, and traditional photography. I prefer being informed and entertained rather than preached at.


HT0789 - Cultural References

If I refer to ruby red slippers, you know exactly what that reference means. If I use the term Red-Nosed Reindeer, we all know exactly who I'm talking about. But to someone raised outside our culture, such references might be perfectly meaningless and risky to use in our artwork because they will fail to connect.


HT0790 - The Perfect Camera

Perfect for what? If a camera is perfect for 90% of what you do is it a failure because it doesn't do the 10% you'd like to or may never do? Is the perfect camera one that requires that you not think because it is so automatic? Is that really a virtue?


HT0791 - Push Too Far, Then Come Back

I think this is the fundamental strategy of art-making. And I mean this in even some of the most practical ways. When I use a zoom lens I pushed too far and then come back. In post-processing I pushed too far then come back. An image selection, I choose to many then I cut back. In developing the text for project, I write too much and then cutback.


HT0792 - The Viewer's Experience

Understanding how your audience will experience your artwork is a crucial step in refining your project. Don't forget that you know everything about your artwork, the audience knows nothing. And the knowledge you have exclusively needs to be examined in light of what and how you communicate to those not in the know.


HT0793 - Manga

I've never been a fan of comic books because I'm not into the superhero thing. I am, however, fascinated with the intersection of the manga form of storytelling and its potential use in photography.


HT0794 - Here, Now

A couple of days ago I was out photographing and drove roughly a hundred and twenty miles to find not much inspiration and only a few exposures. When I got back to my campground, however, I was tired, the light was beautiful, and I noticed several potential subjects that were within an arm's reach of my trailer.


HT0795 - Minimum Focus Distance

In last week's podcast I was asking for help for ways to go back with fresh eyes. A number of listeners sent wonderfully creative ideas, and for all of these suggestions I'm grateful. The one that has intrigued me the most, however, was the suggestion to explore minimum focus distance with each of my lenses. With my long telephoto, this does not necessarily mean macro photography, and I'm having all kinds of fun playing with this unusual strategy. I don't know if I'm making interesting images, but I am shaking up my visual habits.