eConsultations with Brooks Jensen

Personalized Sessions of Advice/Guidance/Assistance

How it works

These sessions are held via Internet conferencing, live with Brooks from his office in Anacortes, Washington. There are several ways we can conduct your session, depending on your needs and computer setup. Details can be found in the Options on the tabs above.

Option #1 - Web Browser

This is the most common way we use for these conferences. With this option, we will use the screen-sharing conferencing services at to share computer screens. You will be able to see Brooks' computer screen on your computer where he will discuss your images, demonstrate software techniques, and show samples that will be useful in your creative path. The audio portion of the conference will be handled via regular telephone. We will call the phone number listed on your registration at the appointed time and connect our computers via a web link we will provide.

Option #2 - iPad, Android can also be used on your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, or Kindle Fire using the free app available at your device's app store. You won't even need a computer! The iPad allows VOIP voice connections, so you won't need a phone. Android tablet and Kindle Fire users will talk with Brooks over a standard phone line while viewing his computer screen on their tablet device.

Option #3 - Skype

If you have a Skype account, let us know your Skype name and we will initiate a video conference at your appointment time. This also assumes that you have a web camera with audio capabilities. We will use video conferencing and screen-sharing so you can see what is on Brooks' computer as he demonstrates software techniques, and file transfers so we can send you templates, background articles, and other useful resource files. It's not a problem if you don't have a video camera as long as you do have audio for your Skype.


Each LensWork eConsultation session runs either 40-minutes or 60-minutes. Schedule and booking information.

Art & Creativity

Portfolio Review & Commentary
Whether you are looking for technical or aesthetic help to improve your photographs, having a fresh pair of experienced eyes can open new possibilities. Whether you are an accomplished photographer looking to add the final touches to an image or a project, or in mid-career and looking for direction and possibilities, this is the kind of brainstorming and motivation session that can jumpstart your creativity. The basis of these reviews is looking at your work. By screen-sharing, we'll examine individual images as well as the portfolio as a whole to explore possible avenues for your next step. (40-minute or 60-minute session)

Project Consultation
So you have a pile of prints — now how do you form them into a unified, tightly-edited project? This is an all-important step for your submission, exhibition, book, PDF, or folio — and one that photographers are not always skilled at doing with their own work. It's difficult to be objective. Work with one of photography's most accomplished editors to take a fresh look at your work for project development, potential, or completion. (40-minute or 60-minute session)

Open Topic of Your Choice
What can we help you with on your creative path? Just let us know what issues you are dealing with and we'll offer any help or advice we can. Brooks has assisted countless numbers of photographers through these sessions, his workshops, portfolio reviews, and publications.

Finding an Audience

Crafting Your Artist's Statement
What you say about your work is the gateway for your audience to connect with and understand your art. A badly written statement is a sure way to lose your audience. Whether you are preparing an exhibition statement, a book introduction, a folio text signature, or even text for your website, here is an opportunity to discuss it with one of photography's most prolific writers. (60-minute session)

Folios Consultation
Learn about making a folio of your project from the creator of the folio concept himself. These sessions focus on the process of designing and producing a folio of your work. But, don't think what you've seen from LensWork is the only possibility! There are lots of alternatives and variations that can be applied to your work that will enhance your image far beyond a mere pile of prints. (60-minute session)

Books: Production and Printing
There is a lot to know before you commit to a book project, especially if you are designing and producing the layouts yourself. Then there is the huge topic of finding a printer you can trust and afford. Publishing a book can be an incredibly expensive undertaking fraught with pitfalls and dangers. Before getting in too deep, talk with one of the leading publishers of fine art photography and winner of 5 Benjamin Franklin awards for outstanding printing. Even if you are working with a professional designer, knowing about the process can save you time and money. (60-minute session)

Books: Publishing & Distribution
Producing and printing a book is just the first step. Unless you want to store them indefinitely in the basement, it's important that you have a plan for distribution and/or selling your book. The book business is changing rapidly (e.g., think Borders Books) and anyone comtemplating a book project without first having a well-founded distribution plan is venturing into shark-infested waters. (60-minute session)

Marketing Your Artwork
Filling up the closet with boxes full of your artwork can be fun, but a bit limiting. Once you decide to find an audience for your work, there are lots of questions that will need to be resolved in order to succeed. Why will people want your work? Who are they and where do you find them? Brainstorm these questions and more with the author of the workshop, Finding an Audience for Your Work, Brooks Jensen. (60-minute session)

Pricing Strategies
Once you've decided to offer your work for sale, the first question will be how to price your work. There are lots of strategies to consider, but few photographers with more experience than Brooks Jensen. Pricing is such a difficult issue because it is so intimately tied to your targeted audience, distribution channel, and many other factors. There is not a single answer that is right for everyone, but there will be answers that work better for you than others. The focus of this topic is to find the integrated plan that will work for you and your work. (60-minute session)

The Successful Exhibition
Congratulations! You're having an exhibition of your work. Now, how do you turn this into a short-term and long-term success. What good does an exhibition do you if thirty days later, when it's over, no one remembers it? How can you take an exhibition that draws from a specific and finite geography and expand the benefits far beyond its geographical and temporal boundaries? Don't waste this chance to build your audience and find yourself looking back at lost opportunities. (60-minute session)

Software Skills

Adobe InDesign
The essential tool for layout and design of books, PDFs, folios, even complex graphics. This 60-minute session will focus on topics of your choosing, presenting answers specifically to help you better use this amazing software.

Adobe Lightroom
Lightroom has become an essential tool not only for cataloging digital files, but also for editing, project management, and even image adjustment. This 60-minute session will focus on topics of your choosing.

Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop is the most important software tool in the photographer's arsenal. But, it is also intimidating. Learn exactly what you need to know in a 60-minute session focusing on topics of your choosing.

Acrobat PDF Publication
The PDF publication has become an incredibly important way for photographers to share their work in this digital age. Learn how to create effective and impressive (and secure) publications in this valuable format from the folks with the most experience, the publishers of LensWork Extended! (60-minute session focusing on topics of your choosing)

Website Design and Strategies
Far too many photographers build their website on the "thumbnail and bigger picture" model. There are lots of better and more engaging ways to make your website more functional and effective. Before you jump into HTML and web page design, put some time and thought into your strategy for not only your website, but also your online store, ePublications, and update cycle. (60-minute session)

Video Production with Premiere Pro
We use Premiere Pro for our multi-camera productions as well as our more complex videos. It's a great program, but with a steep learning curve. Brooks can help. (60-minute session focusing on topics of your choosing)

Video Production with Camtasia
Camtasia is usually considered a "screen capture" program for software tutorials, but its video editor is so easy and flexible that it's a great choice for simple yet professional looking videos that start from your camera. (60-minute session focusing on topics of your choosing)

Preparing Images for Print
Duotone printing (and its cousins tri-tone and quad-tone) have long been considered the ultimate in black-and-white commercial printing technologies. Printing in duotone (or even CMYK color image formats) can be tricky — and an expensive mistake if you go to press with a badly formatted image file. We know a bit about printing here at LensWork and we can help you avoid some costly mistakes. (60 minute session)

Nothing ruins a finely crafted presentation of photographs more quickly than amateurish typography and text layout. Learn some important text composition skills to ensure your project is polished and professional. These sessions can launch from your work-in-progress, or discuss principles in general — whichever is most effective and useful for you. (60-minute session)

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