NEW! Portfolio Submission Guidelines
for LensWork and LensWork Extended

(Updated January 2016 — Now Accepting Submissions only via Dropbox)

This page is only for submissions to LensWork, our print and digital edition magazine.
Here are the Entry Instructions for Seeing in SIXES.

We continually review portfolios for publication. Obviously, we can’t publish everything that is submitted, but we also can’t publish work that isn’t ever submitted! The best way to start is to send in the work and let us take a look.

We give preference to portfolios of related images or themes as opposed to collections of “my 10 best shots.” Unlike the images used to illustrate articles or techniques, the portfolios in LensWork are photographic essays intended to stand alone on their own merits. Consider them “mini-books” or small gallery shows, if you will.

Typical submissions are 25-70 images of a related theme, subject, or topic. You need not have this many images to submit your work for review. We have, on occasion, accepted for publication submissions with as few as 12-15 related images, but we prefer to have more to choose from.

We publish portfolios of 11-20 photographs in the print version, but have the ability to expand this number in the digital media editions.

Complete submissions that are “ready-to-publish” are required. Please see the Submissions Checklist. We do not review partial projects, samples, incomplete mock-ups, or other “take-a-peek and tell me if I should submit work” inquiries. Please be sure when you submit work for review that we have everything we need to publish if your work is selected.

Now LensWork is Both Color and B/W

As of issue #119, LensWork (magazine) now publishes both color and black-and-white work. We print in 20-micron dot stochastic using state-of-the-art sheet fed book presses. We've won numerous awards for the outstanding quality of our printing.

What We'll Need from You

Submissions Form

Your image submission must be accompanied by this online form.

Image Files

Digital files should be flattened (no layers) and may be either RGB or grayscale mode images. Duotones are not acceptable unless special arrangements are made prior to your submission. Images may be either 8-bit or 16-bit. Please note that 16-bit images will be converted to 8-bit for printing.

Images should be unsharpened, if possible. If they are already sharpened, please indicate so to prevent us from over-sharpening your images.

Images need to be not less than 3400 pixels on the long side.

We prefer JPEG (saved with maximum quality), but can accept Photoshop PSD files, TIF, PDF, or EPS formats if necessary. Other formats will not be accepted for submission.

Title and Captions: If you have titles and/or text captions you would like us to consider including in your project, these must be embedded as metadata in the digital image file. This can be done using Lightroom, Photoshop’s Info panel, or other software. Title should be “Title Case” and captions should be “Sentence case.” Do not use ALL CAPS or all “lower case.” We do our best to proof text before publishing, but we ask that you do your best to be sure all text is correct in both spelling and punctuation.

About Copyright Permissions

(Updated January 2016 — Now Accepting Submissions only via Dropbox)

Writers and photographers retain copyright of their materials. We require signed, publishing privilege.

In Print: The copyright permission you grant us is a one-time publishing right for LensWork. Paper copies of LensWork are offered through retail outlets in the U.S. as well as to our subscribers. When the paper copies are sold out, they are not reprinted.

Digital Media: In addition to the paper version of LensWork, we simultaneously publish its contents as digital media in LensWork Extended. Since these digital media allow us to make our back issues available indefinitely, we require your authorization to do so in these formats. The copyright permission you grant to us is the right to publish your images/text and to include this form of your work on our digital media publications in its original layout and format. We may not, however, reuse your images or text in any other projects, layouts, or variations. All of our digital media are password protected with state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption to protect your copyrights and prevent extraction of image content from our publications. (Please note, however, that it is not technologically possible to prevent 72dpi low-resolution “screen captures” of any digital content and we cannot guarantee that this will not happen. Similarly, we cannot guarantee that the password protection cannot be broken. We do our best to protect your copyrights, but we cannot be held responsible for the illegal acts of others.)

Promotional Permission: To promote your work and our publication both in print and digital media, we utilize the materials from each on our website to acquaint interested individuals with what we offer. Usually, this means a few photographs from each photographer, perhaps a small excerpt from the audio interviews, and brief excerpts from articles may be used on our website for promotional purposes only. On occasion we may also use samples pages or contextual layouts that contain your images in our promotional advertisements or catalogs – again, such use is for promotional purposes only.

Please note: If these copyright permission conditions are not acceptable to you, we must decline your submission.

Submissions Checklist

(Updated February 2018 — Now Accepting Submissions only via Dropbox)

Please be certain to include the following:

Where to send your submission


Use this online form and the upload links upload your images and documentation to us.

Honorarium for publication

(Updated January 2016)

We feature the names of all published individuals on the cover of each issue.

Photographers will earn an honorarium totaling $300, regardless of the number of photographs published in either LensWork or LensWork Extended.

In addition, photographers in either edition will receive 10 free copies of the paper version.

All published photographers will receive a complimentary 1-year subscription starting the following issue (or, if there is an existing subscription we will simply extend it six issues).

Honorarium Payments

The honorarium is split into two components: $150 USD (payable by check or PayPal) PLUS a $150 LensWork store credit which may be redeemed for merchandise or subscriptions via our online store.

Payment is earned only upon publication. Checks/PayPal payments are made within 90 days of publication. Please note that you may use your store credit honorarium to purchase any other LensWork Publishing products from our online store including: Special Editions Folios, books, prints, DVD workshops, downloadable items, gift subscriptions, etc.

This payment will serve as compensation in full for permission to publish as outlined above. In addition, we will happily forward inquiries from interested parties for purchase or publication of your work or services.

Obtaining Copies with your Honorarium

We’re aware that a feature in LensWork provides a great opportunity to obtain beautifully printed promotional materials. To support your efforts (and get LensWork into the hands of photography-lovers) we make additional copies available at discounted rates. The deadline for ordering copies at the discounted rate is two weeks before the issue date. These special rates are extended to featured writers and photographers and their galleries and reps (not resellers) as follows:

LensWork (magazines): $3 per copy plus shipping

We are happy to apply the cost of additional copies against your cash honorarium. In addition, if you wish to purchase copies at these deep discounts with your store credit, you may do so, but you must inform us no later than two weeks before the issue date. This will allow us to adjust the quantities for your order before the magazine goes to press. After that point the remaining store credit can be used to purchase anything from our online store at our regular prices.

Please note that we do not reprint issues when they are sold-out. To ensure you have extra copies of the issue with your work, we recommend you order before the deadline and take advantage of the deep discount. If we have extra copies on-hand we will be glad to sell them to you at the special rate, but we are often sold-out within weeks of distribution — so please do not delay in your request.